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Relevant Brands Holdings brings brand management opportunities to Nonbox

Nonbox is pleased to announce its close association with Relevant Brands Holdings of San Rafael, CA.

In this tight relationship, Steve Karakas is the chief marketing officer for the brand management firm. Nonbox Special Forces agent, Tom Seavey, is the CEO of Relevant Brands Holdings. The firm specializes in acquiring companies and brand licenses and uses its marketing, brand, distribution and licensing expertise to help grow portfolio companies. Industry focus for Relevant Brands is in sports, fashion and lifestyle categories.

In addition to Seavey and Karakas, Relevant Brands execs include Timothy Ouellette (President and COO), Timothy Holmes (CFO) and Britt Doyle (Chief Business Development). The company has collective experience with firms including, Nike, Converse, adidas, Cole Haan, Teva, UGG, Wenger, Swiss Army, Polo Ralph Lauren and more.

In 2019 the Relevant Brands acquired Italian performance sock maker, Eurosock. The company has a strong reputation in ski, outdoor and athletic socks. With the addition of Eurosock, Relevant Brands has launched "Sock Bros.", a destination where you can find multiple purpose-driven sock brands.

Another acquisition in the Relevant Brands portfolio is "Robert Talbott." The men's luxury clothing line reflects authentic Coastal California culture. Major acquisitions and licenses are in the works for 2020.

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