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We are looking for a kidney. Can you help?

Nonbox Sports Marketing partner, Ian Hamilton, has been in search of a kidney for a transplant. His kidneys are functioning at only 25% and that isn't a good number. While many people have come forward to volunteer (thank you), they have not been able to come through the qualification process so we are back on the search. Ian's daughter has set up a Facebook page and we recently launched a website where you can learn more and take action. The site is

His daughter Rileigh describes the situation here: "Our dad has been sick for a little over ten years now. What started out as what the doctor’s thought was a sinus infection, turned out to be a terrible disease. After 10 years the doctors still do not know exactly what my dad has, but the closest they have come is diagnosing it as “Waldenstrom Cryoglobulinemia with Monoclonal Gammopathy of a Renal Source”. This disease acts like cancer and my dad has gone through chemotherapy, 3 kidney biopsies, 5 bone marrow biopsies, 3 visits to the Mayo Clinic, a bone marrow transplant, and so, much more.

Fortunately, the bone marrow transplant that my dad had in 2013 put him in remission, but unfortunately, his kidneys have fallen victim to all the treatments. Our dad’s kidneys are currently functioning at 25% and could quit functioning at any time. He is on the Oregon donor list, but the wait time is 3-5 years. He needs a type “O” kidney, and our family members are not a match."

Please visit his website or Facebook page and pass along to anyone who might be interested in helping. Thank you.

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