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Deal flow, Capital Raising (debt and equity), M & A activity and Brand Licensing.

As a Managing Director of GVC Financial Services, LLC and as part of Tom’s relationship with Nonbox, Tom evaluates business opportunities that can help companies raise capital in the form of debt and equity. He also can assist Company owners with the M & A process to sell their company or buy an add-on company. Tom will also help to turn around companies that may have experienced some troubled waters. In addition, Tom works with Nonbox clients to help secure financing to fund their go to market strategies.


Tom has significant experience in the areas of athletics, retail and consumer brands, outdoor products, footwear, apparel and fashion. Tom’s career began is sales with Nike in the Midwest. He went on to work in various roles with the brand’s Teva, Ugg, Puma, Swiss Gear, RLX Polo and Sergio Tacchini.


Tom obtained a license from the Swiss company, Swiss Gear to sell branded products and also obtained the rights so sell products labeled with the US Marine Corps brand.

Over his vast career, Tom has helped many companies find their roots, grow, expand, source new products, find capital and exit. He is a seasoned and mature executive that can be counted on for creativity, focus and knowledge.

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