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Judy has over 20 years experience in media planning including the last 11 years at NONBOX. Her personal philosophy is that the more relevant data you have, the best-informed decisions can be made. Whether it is developing a media plan, leading the creative process for an advertising campaign, providing her expertise on the critical nuance of website navigation, or simply taking the time to absorb and really understand the positioning of a given product line, Judy delivers. This is why so many clients put their trust in her stewardship of their projects.


Judy experience spans both B2B and B2C markets. At nonbox, she has recently been involved with new website development for ChyronHego, Clinicient, BILT by Agassi and Reyes, and Stages Indoor Cycling. She oversees the development of collateral, sales materials, and presentations for Cascade Microtech. She placed advertisements in trade magazines for Grass Valley’s worldwide. TeamCFA is a charter school organization; Judy works with them to develop awareness pieces for each school and managed the development of a print on demand portal.

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