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Ian focuses on Sports Marketing at Nonbox. He is involved with licensing, consulting and representation of corporate clients and athletes.  Ian’s experience in the field has been centered on product development; go to market strategies, sports sponsorship strategies, endorsement packages, television negotiations, sports events, league branding, production, and athlete endorsements.


During a 17-year career as the Global Director of Tennis Sports Marketing at Nike, he worked with the team to increase sales from $50 million to $600 million and ownership of the number one share of the global tennis market.

Following Nike, he went on to become President of the sports themed division of Planet Hollywood, the Official All Star Cafés. There he negotiated athlete partnerships with Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Shaquille O’Neal, Monica Seles, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey Jr. and Joe Montana. The cafés burst on the competitive restaurant scene with Official All-Star Café red-carpet events and visibility at the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star game, U.S. Tennis Open, and a “Fan Fest” at the Masters Golf Tourney.


After Planet Hollywood and prior to coming to Nonbox in 2005, Mr. Hamilton was approached by the new ownership group of the Professional Bowlers tour to be the Commissioner. The task was to revive a 47-year-old tour that had once sat on top of the world in terms of the sports popularity. Integral to the revival of the tour was the successful negotiation of an ESPN television package and to produce the programming for a twenty-event live PBA tour. After serving as the Tour’s Commissioner, he continued as the Executive Producer of the live shows on ESPN. Ian is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of US Sports Camps, who are the operators of Nike Sports Camps. He is also the CEO of Sports Camps Canada. 


B.A. in Political Science with minor in Economics from Arizona State University and has                 

Published numerous sports marketing articles that include the Harvard Business Review

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